CASA Centre Capital Campaign

When a child needs tools for mental wellness, families often struggle with feelings of powerlessness, concern, and frustration. With so much stigma, myth, and misinformation around mental health, it’s hard for a parent to know where to turn, or how to help. 

At CASA, our mission is to get children and families to a place of mental wellness where they can do more than just get by.

“We’ve come to realize how important mental health is, and we understand how dark and difficult those times can be… no child, no adult, no teenager should have to be alone at that deep, dark time in their life.” – George Cantalini & Teresa Debevc-Cantalini, Capital Campaign Co-Chairs

Each year, CASA Child, Adolescent and Family Mental Health provides mental health and addictions treatment to over 4,000 children and their families. Staff moved into the new CASA Centre the end of August and we began providing services the first of September.  This new, purpose-built facility has replaced the 63 year old centre.

CASA is changing the stigma of mental illnesses by closing the doors on facilities that are inadequate for the population we serve. With its rounded hallways providing good sightlines for children who have experienced trauma and suffer anxiety, rooms specifically designed for play therapy, and new state of the art sensory equipment, this new 40,000 square foot facility will be a bright, warm, and inviting building providing a beacon of hope for our children and their families facing a difficult time.

CASA Centre 1

We are truly appreciative of the support we have received for CASA Centre from the Government of Alberta and from our generous donors.

This support truly helps CASA create a future where mental health isn’tstigmatizedand where those suffering can get the treatment they deserve, and find hope from the people around them -- no one should have to face mental illness alone.