CASA Centre Capital Campaign - Thank You!



To the Government of Alberta, who gave $17 million, to the Capital Campaign Cabinet led by George and Teresa Cantalini, and to each and every donor, event sponsor, volunteer and supporter of the CASA Centre Capital Campaign. It was thanks to all of you that we were able to wrap up the campaign at 2017’s CASA Carnival in May 2017.

This is truly an extraordinary accomplishment and we are so thankful for our amazing community.

With this new building, CASA hopes to change the stigma of mental illness by closing the doors on facilities that are inadequate for the population we serve. This new innovative facility opened its doors to families on September 1, 2016.  With its rounded hallways providing good sightlines for children who have experienced trauma and suffer anxiety, rooms specifically designed for play therapy, and new state of the art sensory equipment, the new 40,000 square CASA Centre will be a bright, warm, and inviting building providing a beacon of hope for our children and their families facing a difficult time.