CASA has a diverse range of volunteer opportunities available; we strive to find a suitable role for every individual. Volunteer Services keeps volunteers engaged by placing individuals in roles that provide valuable experience and utilize their time and talent wisely. We support our volunteers by ensuring they have adequate information, supervision, and support. Volunteers receive validation and recognition for their services.

Whether volunteers can share one hour per year with us, or five hundred hours per year — every minute donated adds value to the experiences of our patients. Every dollar donated to volunteer services goes directly to support volunteers in fulfilling their roles, whether it is to provide craft supplies for our volunteer to lead a playroom group, or a small token of CASA's appreciation for the valuable services our volunteers provide.

If you are interested in volunteering with us, please share your skills, experiences, and special interests with us and we will provide you with a meaningful and engaging volunteer opportunity.

Click here to learn about our Volunteer Opportunities. For more information on CASA Volunteer Services, please contact us at 780-410-8479.