CASA's Volunteer Program was established to support volunteers to be actively involved in our programs and, services and to support many of our special events. Volunteers are an integral part of our teams as we strive to accomplish CASA’s mission and goals.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, our volunteer opportunities have been limited to ensure the safety of our patients and staff. Despite this, we still have many virtual volunteer opportunities assisting our programs. These can include conducting data analysis and writing manuscripts for our Research and Evaluation team, updating resources on our website, revamping our parent information binder for our Trauma and Attachment Group, and many more. We also have in-person volunteer opportunities to lead gym, music, and art classes at CASA House. There are also many ways for volunteers to assist CASA’s fundraising endeavours.

CASA’s volunteer opportunities are split up into two streams:

Clinical Stream

Volunteers within the clinical stream have access to all opportunities. They are recommended to have some education/experience in psychology, social work, occupational therapy, and familiarity with children, although this is not required. Due to the high demand for this stream and limited opportunities, the number of volunteers within this stream will be based on the demand for clinical volunteers.

Support Stream

Volunteers within the support stream will have access to all volunteer opportunities that do not directly interact with our programs and patients, i.e. fundraising endeavors and other miscellaneous opportunities. This stream is also used as a waiting list for volunteers interested in the clinical stream.

If you are interested in volunteering with us, please share your skills, experiences, and special interests with us and we will provide you with a meaningful and engaging volunteer opportunity.

Click here to learn about our Volunteer Opportunities. For more information on CASA Volunteer Services, please contact us at 780-410-8479.